“Righteousness exalts a nation, But sin is a reproach to any people.” – Proverbs 14:34

I’m thankful God has brought our nation to another birthday! We have a lot to celebrate in the history of this 238-year-old country.
Off the top of my head: The Statue of Liberty and the multitudes of immigrants who were welcomed to these shores. Innovations in technology and discoveries in medicine that have helped people and saved lives. Soldiers who sacrificed their security and well-being, and sometimes their lives, to keep citizens and others free. The many moments when righteousness exalted this nation.
Some of you view the U.S. with skepticism. Some mistrust and disdain its history and founders and policies. Others esteem the past and have grown disgusted with what this nation is becoming.
Yes, the U.S. has veered down the wrong path at times – as in, the deplorable mistreatment of Native Americans, the unconscionable enslavement of African Americans and, more recently, the legalized murder of unborn babies. Yes, we have many sins of which to repent.
But mercifully, we also have so much for which to be grateful. While I regret the wrongs that we have done, and fear what we may become, I am extremely grateful for the blessings we have experienced and for the good that has been done.
Certainly, in this decaying culture, there is still much good to be done – actually more than ever before – and there is much rich history to gratefully celebrate.
Happy birthday, America! And by God’s grace, many more!