This world is

In a state of moral regression,

With religious-freedom and human-rights suppression,

Horrific brutality in ISIS aggression

Hatred of Israel and Christians and good,

Violence and looting in neighborhoods,

Deficits, corruption, regulations and greed,

Hunger, abortion, and hearts that still bleed,

Arguments, hatred, embroiled in fights,

Depressed in the daytime and crying at night

Thinking the world will never get right


We once were here before,

Injured hearts longing for life,

Lost in a darkness so deep we couldn’t breathe

We could do nothing to help ourselves,

But God did.

Though Himself perfect, He looked down at our imperfection

In love

And gave His only Son

A huge sacrifice beyond comprehension

And in giving Jesus,

He gave life

To all who believe

Hope for right now, and hope for forever,

To spend eternity with Jesus and our Heavenly Father


This world needs a faith larger than the grave,

A faith that moves boldly and makes the righteous heart brave,

A faith that our God is mighty to save

This world needs a hope past politicians or kings

A hope that makes the widow’s heart sing

That finds its anchor in eternal things

This world needs a love that protects and forgives,

A love that’s not there to take but to give

As shown on the Cross by our Savior Who lives

We don’t need entertainment or idols to please us

This world is broken apart and falling to pieces

What this world really needs,

All this world needs,

What we all need,

Is Jesus