The Waiting Game

The Christmas Eve when I was 8, our grandparents, cousin, uncles and aunts and their dates and college friend came to our house for a fun evening. I remember us kids going out to the living room (where gifts awaited), then... Continue Reading →


Discovered Treasure

  You never know when you may catch a beautiful glimmer of hope. For me, it was in the back of a car on the way to the store. Not referring to the hope of meeting the right one and... Continue Reading →

Pine Tree Dreams

So this evening I learned something new about my dad. Something even my mom had never heard. Something to me bittersweet, but to them overall good. After supper we had apple crisp and stayed in the dining room chatting. The topic of... Continue Reading →

Dividing the Sea

  Dividing the Sea After a summer missions trip and a month off, I've finally reached that daunting step: the job search. Yesterday I viewed job postings on (I do love that site), added LinkedIn contacts, and read overwhelming... Continue Reading →

The Light of the World

I just got back from visiting an art exhibit at the library. There I saw amazing paintings, drawings, photography and sculptures by talented local art teachers; but I also got more than I bargained for. It was completely dark when... Continue Reading →

Why I’ll Vote for Trump Today

Starting into the election season, Donald Trump was my last pick among Republican candidates. But today, I plan to cast my vote for Trump. There are many reasons to choose him for President, but I might say the top one... Continue Reading →

Being Transparent

You know that heavy, heartsick feeling that drags down your whole being (even though your problems are nowhere near as serious as most)? That was mine today. When you're 32 and single, you've faced a fair number of disappointments, and... Continue Reading →

The Wind

Over cereal and preparing for church, Grandpa and I discuss the wintry temperatures this week and last. His friend spoke of impending 5- and 6-degree days. I comment how cold that will be. Grandpa reminds me that it was 2-below... Continue Reading →

If Christians are hated, berated and booed Silenced and sidelined and misunderstood The world hated Him, they will hate us too But they will know that we are Christians by our love If following Jesus comes at a cost We... Continue Reading →

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